Behind She is Chic

We've come to a point where we have a ton of new followers and customers, but not all of them know our origin we are so proud of! So, I am super excited to tell the story about She is Chic.

She is Chic was founded in January of 2017- by me, Stephanie. I found my courage to start a business because my husband was courageously healing from a freak accident that almost cost his life. My husband's courage showed me so much, but one thing I think we all collectively realized was- life is short. You don't realize that until something stops you in your path. Together, we healed, and he gave me his blessing to start my business. I can honestly say, She is Chic would not be a thing if it weren't for my family.

The first thing I did after getting all of the things I needed to own a business, was purchase a logo on Etsy, buy a rack on Amazon and start buying small selections of inventory. When I say small, I mean VERY small- think 3 of each style- 3 styles. So 9 pieces! Somehow I kept going from there, it is crazy to see how I started to how I have things now.

The first two years of business were jam packed with tons of stressors! I realized I am an imperfect human, and sometimes that was a hard pill to swallow. I got myself a coach who helped me realize I needed to address things within me, that would be when I would hit my fullest potential.

In the beginning, I was always worried- what are people going to think. I wanted people to LIKE me, but I realized, I needed to do things for me. I needed to be my truest self, I needed to stop worrying about outside sources- open your heart to everyone. When I finally did this, it was like a whole new world. It was easier to see that there is room for everyone, and collaboration is so much better than feeling like you are in competition with everyone else.

I am very lucky to be surrounded by a bunch of like minded powerful women! They help drive me- a lot of them are working for She is Chic, but not for anything but the sole purpose of, it is their purpose to give back to this community they fell in love with.

I am beyond happy that my boutique, that had such a quaint beginning, is now a community. People connect, people have made friends because of our VIP group- the community has become SO much more than me! I love having a boutique, but I wanted to make a difference- sometimes I feel like we have made a difference together! I have met some of the most amazing people, and have solidified some of the greatest people because of this journey, for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you to all of our followers, customers and frriends! You are the reason She is Chic is so powerful.

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