Create Perfect Outfits for Family Photographs!

Anyone else remember family photographs in the 90's? How about those Glamour Shots?


Sometimes I look through the old family photos at my parent's house, just because it is so funny seeing our matching outfits. Denim on denim on denim, ALL wearing White shirts... What a hot mess!

When I was trying to create a mood for my photos, I thought out loud to my mother; "What the heck am I gonna wear?" Her response, "Oh all of you should wear *insert matching color here.*"


When creating outfits for family photos, it is important to "match" but there is a fine line on that! If one person is wearing White, pick another color- how about Ivory? Or Gray? Pick something White with a pattern.

When choosing outfits for my family photos, I knew Denim was going to be worn. B was wearing a Chambray top, I had Jeans on as did everyone else in my family. But switching B to a Denim top, gave it contrast. It wasn't in the same spot as our Denim! We also ALL wore different washes, which was super important- see, we were "matching" but we also weren't.

I knew R was going to wear a darker Red button up, so I got a Flannel with Red's and Oranges for my husband's top! I was unsure of what I was going to wear. I was between a White dress and the Wine Down Dress (available in my shop!). The White would be too stark, so I threw on the dress and turned it into a top! IT WAS PERFECT.

Pattern mixing is fun! But limit your patterns, not everyone needs to wear a pattern. R and my husband both got patterned tops while B and I stuck with textures to really bring something to the photos!


  • Denim (Chambray), Red's, Oranges and Khaki
  • Americana: Reds, White/Ivory and Blues
  • Mustard, Yellows, Chambray and Ivory
  • Mustard, Purple and Denim (not just because of my love of the Minnesota Vikings- but SKOL)
  • Black, Grays, Tawny, Ivory and Denim (or go without denim for a more formal look)
  • Oddly enough, Navy, Ivory/White and Pink (of any tone)


  • Do flat lays on your bed to see how outfits work together
  • Don't be afraid to layer and add texture (cardigans, boot sock and beyond)
  • Ladies- Add funky pieces of jewelry last. Don't be afraid to add fun pieces to liven up your look.
  • Let your kids wear their funky canvas shoes (we did with R and they worked beautifully)

Last but not least- DO NOT be afraid to be yourself! I spiced up my outfit with a BOLD lip. It was fun! It was sassy! YOU ARE AMAZING. ALLOW YOURSELF TO SHINE.

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