Love Your Body After Motherhood

I think it is safe to say, after we have children we do not give our bodies the love that they deserve.

Whether you birthed your own child, adopted or fostering... your children come first, you put all your love into them. You are a mother.

We need to remember to mother our bodies as well. Because we need our bodies to be healthy so we can continue doing all of the things we love.

Here are some tips on how to love your body after motherhood, and practice the self care you deserve:

1.) First and foremost, you should accept that your body may change and it is OK for it to change.

Talk kindly to yourself, and to your body. You can do this simply by looking at yourself in the mirror and saying self affirmations.

"I am strong," "I am beautiful," "I love myself how I am," the list of affirmations is endless. Speak on the things you love.

2.) Start a beauty routine. It does not have to be a 12 step process, even adding a serum and SPF is a great step.

Add in a daily routine, it will make you feel as if you're splurging on yourself.

3.) Drink more Water!

This one is a MUST. I know that I have a struggle where I will drink tons of Coffee, and not enough Water. But we must fuel our body appropriately.

4.) Be around people who fill up our cup!

Stick around the people who make you feel like you're glowing. The people who help build us up, they are the ones who will help us feel more confident.

5.) Get moving!

Get up and move your body, make sure it is doing something you love. You can do Yoga, Pilates or take a walk!

In this life we only have one body. We want you to genuinely love yours.

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