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*I always knew eventually I was going to open up by writing something super vulnerable for me, this may also be something hard for some readers. This is about pregnancy, and body after babies! If this is something that is hard for you, I suggest some more of our feel good posts over this one.*






Hi, my name is Steph, I am the owner of She is Chic, I also am a mom of two wonderful little boys. I am a Cesarean Section Mom! Some of ya'll may be thinking, there is really no difference, but I wear my Cesarean Sections with pride. They are a part of who I am, they are a part of my story.



I have had two Cesarean Sections, one of which was complex. With my oldest, I was cut from one side to the other side. It was an emergency surgery, it was tough. My doctor still remembers that birth- he still talks about it, you see- my baby was stuck! It took a lot of maneuvering to get him out and safe. I don't remember much about that birth, I was knocked out. But the scars, they are there, they are a badge of honor- I brought life into this world. It was tough and we survived.



Two babies later, I am happy and healthy. My body is lived in. No longer am I toned and smooth; I have scars, I have divets, I have fluff and extra skin.



I used to struggle with this, count my calories, cry... but nothing was going to change that my body was well loved. Now instead of hating what I look like, I am grateful, I have two healthy boys. That is what truly matters.



If you are also struggling, I want you to know- you are beautiful. Whether you had babies or not, your body tells a story about who you are. Every divet, every line, every scar... it is a part of your story and your story is amazing, just like you!



Hi, my name is Steph. I now accept every part of myself, and I hope someday you can, too. You are beautiful.



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