Our "Why"

4 days after my husband's life saving surgery


Everything in this world has its very own origin story. How did it begin? Why did it begin? It took us long enough, but I would love to share our origin story- the “why” behind starting our online boutique.

Our business started out as She is Chic Boutique (She is Chic Style) back in January 2017, less than a month after a freak accident that almost cost my husband his life.

At the time I was selling makeup for a company. I didn’t know anything about makeup really, I was a natural makeup kind of girl, but I always wanted to work a business. One thing I started doing during that time was live videos.

It was December 20, 2016. My hair dresser friend came over so we could put together easy peasy looks for holidays! I did a sparkly Gold shadow with a Red lip, she was putting together gorgeous easy styles my VIPS could do at home.

My phone rang during the live, I did not know the number- so I sent it off to my Voicemail. I do not ever answer numbers I do not know.

We continued the live, until I got another call. I thought, “I better answer this.”

We quickly wrapped things up, ending the live quickly without letting my watchers know.

I called the number back, it was our local hospital, letting me know they had my husband. They needed to know simple information- he was going in for surgery.

I was in shock. Complete shock.

My friend who was with sprung into action, I still to this day do not know what I would have done had she not have been there. I was shaken, my nerves were flayed. She called up my mother, who notified my husband’s family, and the school for my own children. She called me off of my main job, which was coaching Cheerleading for a local high school.

We got my children situation with a family member, and she drove me to the hospital. On our way in, I called one of his coworkers who filled me on what happened. I got all of the details I needed; it was not a good situation. I would not know the depth of things until I went into the hospital.

My mom dropped me off at front so I could get in their quickly. Thankfully my brother in law met me there, I was one of the last people to show up because I had to work out who would watch my kids and I had the lengthiest drive. The Chaplain walked us back which scared me.

Would this be my last time with my husband?

We were only in our 20’s!

I will never forget seeing my husband laying there on the table. The doctors were truly angels, carefully explaining everything they needed to do. They did not want to take him back until I got the chance to see him, for that I was thankful.

Every single year one of my grandparents had a stay in the hospital around Christmas, before this, my husband joked, “Who will it be this year?”

I will never forget he tried turning his head to talk to me, which was tough with a shattered jaw. He said, “I should not have asked whose turn it was.” With a tear rolling down his cheek. This destroyed me.

They took my husband back. I sat there while he was in surgery, for hours. I did not know how he was or if he would be okay. I did not know, because they extend of his injuries were horrible. I sat there with his mother, the whole time, quietly. His good friend left work and sat with us quietly. We cried, and we waited.

I am thankful we have such a strong family, because they were able to help me with the kids so I could stay by his side.

The hospital sent me home that night. He needed to be in the ICU and was to be intubated, I could not and was not allowed in the ICU with him. Though, they understood I would call hourly- and I did.

We eventually brought him home.

We were scared, that moment brought us to the scariest of lows. But it also taught us so much.

We would heal, and we would really LIVE our lives.

Life is so short.

You don’t know how many today’s you have!

You do not know if you will see tomorrow.

You must live for your now.

My husband taught me strength, and little did I know- I would need it in the future. Because I was starting my own boutique- and having your own business was tough.

With his approval, I decided to embark on my journey to owning a business. He taught me to live for today.

We healed each other.

He is my why.


Happily healed in 2019

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