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Sometimes, our hearts are drawn to the stories of magnificent people. Imagine your heart being drawn to a magnificent little girl... That is what happened when we heard of little Saylor.

We at She is Chic pledge we will do everything we can to help raise funds and awareness for Saylor! We pledge to donate a portion of our April Proceeds to Saylor. Here is her story: 

"Saylor is currently 10 months old. She was diagnosed on March 1st with Acute Myeloid Leukemia. Otherwise known as AML. There were no signs of cancer, we had no idea until she stopped nursing and I feared dehydration so I took her into our local ER. In a matter of minutes, our lives flipped upside down. We were life-flighted to Texas Children’s Hospital. She was in critical condition upon arrival and was placed on dialysis and had a rough first week. She’s completed her first round of chemo and we have all the hope and faith in the world as we go into this second round next week."



If you would like to donate directly, email us at and we will put you in contact with Saylor's family!

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