Stay Stylish This Spring

Staying stylish this Spring has been hard work, like super hard! Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic started, I’ve been eating like crazy (I love you Chic Fil A) and I have been exercising… exercising my eyes by watching all the Netflix, Hulu and Prime shows!

I know I am not the only one.

I filled out a little bit, when usually this is when I am getting bikini ready. But you know what? It is okay, because during this time- I am also learning to love my body no matter how it looks.

Even if I can’t get my jeans over my newly filled out booty.


I cannot wait to share my tips on staying stylish this Spring with you! If I can do it, I know you can do it!


  1. Headbands/Hair Accessories will make you look put together!

If you’re anything like me, you are tired of doing your hair. I get tired of blow drying and styling so I have put the hot tools down, which is actually probably VERY good for the health of my hair (and because I am trying to grow it out).

I noticed that I can get a cute style, one that makes me feel great! All I have to do is add a headband.

One cute way of doing it, braid your hair. Don’t worry about doing is super tight, I am by no means good at braiding- which actually works perfect. Braid your hair, and slightly (and carefully) pull the hair out a bit- giving it a lived-in look, then add your headband! You can even pull out 2 pieces in the front so it doesn’t look too perfect.

Can’t braid? That is fine! Throw your hair in a low bun, and add the headband OR you can always do a pony. The headband is what makes the look! We are currently loving our headband which you can buy in our shop (get it here!)

  1. Throw on a Kimono and get stuff done!

One way to upgrade any outfit is to layer! One of our favorite ways to do this in the Spring and Summer is to throw on a Kimono. The best part? You can ALSO wear a Kimono as a swimsuit cover up, that is amazing! More uses that just for layering.

I love a gorgeous colorful kimono, because either A.) You can give life to your drab neutrals or B.) you can pull together the colors in your look with a Kimono that matches.

Who am I kidding, I am just happy to get a little extra use out of my pieces! You can find my favorite Kimono here!

  1. Try on different bottoms!

My hips don’t lie, I’ve been eating whatever I want! I am not ashamed; however, I can’t get my fitted jeans up. This has given me room to explore NEW bottoms. I proudly tried on our Palazzo and I was in love! It was like wearing pajamas, but much more fashionable.

I also have been exploring linen bottoms, and maxi skirts. I am super short, usually maxi skirts do not work for me (though I want them, too). I have learned that knot tying is totally okay, OR it gives me an excuse to wear my heeled sandals.

I am not going to lie, even doing this I still follow number 1- headbands fix it all!

  1. When all else fails, throw on some lipstick.

Or Lip gloss, or heck even a slightly colored Chapstick. It will make you feel more put together, even if you feel like a hot mess.

Sometimes I will even do this while watching Netflix. Hey, I am sure John B. from Outerbanks (TV Show) appreciates my efforts.


Either way, we want you to know- you are gorgeous, you are awesome, you are number one and you are the coolest! We hope you all are staying safe during these scary times! Also, thank you to all of you amazing first responders and essential workers!

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