Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Holidays are quickly approaching, if you are anything like me, you are usually last minute. But this year is different, this year we need to become more prepared. Due to Covid restrictions, and mail slowing, it is almost smart to celebrate Halloween and ALSO think ahead to Christmas. Best of both worlds? I think so!

One of the hardest things, every year, for us is the dang stocking! As soon as I finally figure out how to keep the magic of Santa alive for my kiddos, I remember the dreaded stocking!

My children think my husband and I do the stocking to help Santa, because he is just SO busy. This still makes things tough, because I want them to enjoy the magic of the stockings that are hung.

Allow me to help YOU come up with a few stocking stuffer ideas!

  • Bath Bombs! These are an easy favorite when it comes to my kiddos. They love a good bath bomb, and to be honest- so do I! I also would like to support Small Business this season, so I personally recommend this shop:
  • Chapstick- These aren’t quite as bit as fun as bath bombs, but they are necessary and you can make them a must have with fun and funky flavors.
  • Chocolate & Candy- If you are in the same area as us (Good old Pennsylvania) we recommend going to your local Gertrude Hawk. I am pretty obsessed with their Candied Pecans. You can also shop their candy on their website.
  • Coffee & Tea or Hot Cocoa- Enough said. This is a pretty good gift, because they’ll want to go ahead and use it almost straight away!
  • Coffee Mug- I am Coffee Mug obsessed. Especially punny mugs, not going to lie… I use these for decoration.
  • Dog Toys, New Collar & Leash- Learn from my terrible decisions, do not put treats in a stocking, they can sniff that out and eat the stocking. Whoops!
  • Need I say more?
  • Gift Certificates. Get gift cards for places you want to go throughout the year, that way you can keep surprising yourself throughout the year.

We hope you have safe holidays!

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