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My whole life, I have not been into fashion.

I know some of you are probably out there thinking, “say what?!”

But, yes, growing up… I did not really care about fashion. Ask me about shoes though and dang, will I blow your mind or what! I love shoes, I have somewhere over 60 pairs… I may even be in the 70 pairs of shoes range. Marie Kondo would not be impressed!

Anyhow, I remember when my views on fashion changed.

I was this young mother (I had my oldest at Eighteen years old) dressed slobby and probably filled with spit up, visiting my sister at her posh home in the city. My older sister is the epitome of fashionista; she is gorgeous, driven and my goodness has the BEST closet I have ever seen.

My oldest sister, just finished renovating her new closet. It was amazing, a room converted into a closet- just for her! It has racks upon racks for her shoes (they were all arranged just so), her clothing was sorted by type, it had this amazing Crystal Pendant light and a really nice lounge seat in the middle. It felt like a department store. Just like that, I found my new vice. Fashion!

I loved the colors, textures and type of clothing. From then on, I ditched the teeny bopper brands and found myself obsessing with all sorts of brands, more specifically- boutique clothing.

Boutique clothing is brands you won’t hear of shopping out, they specifically cater to smaller stores and offer inclusivity I couldn’t find at other brands. I could show up to events wearing things you would not find on every other girl. I felt special, I felt fashionable… I felt like I finally found my niche! I could walk around wearing an adorable outfit to my favorite store, Target, and I DID NOT FEEL LIKE THE MANNEQUINS WERE SAYING “BEEOTCH, YOU STOLE MY LOOK!”

Though, I will be honest, you may find me wearing gym pants a lot lately (I am *trying* to keep up my fitness routine), there is something about dressing well that makes me feel better. It makes me feel, even when my life is chaotic, like I did something really good. I love when I am wearing something unique, people ask, “That is beautiful, where did you get it?”

That is my *why?*

Why is She is Chic so important? Well, it is important because it helps woman feel as good as I do, they feel as pretty and unique AS THEY ARE. Clothing is JUST AN EXPRESSION of who we actually are! So, by wearing clothing, we are telling the world how amazing we are and THAT is special.

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