Why We Need A Best Friend

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Do you have that person in your life that you can't imagine your life without? One that you literally share every little secret with. No one knows all of the details of your life besides this one beautiful soul.

This is your best friend.

Your ride or die.

Your lifeline.

The importance of this person is immeasurable.

Let me tell you about my best girlfriend. We talk everyday (all day). We are each other’s personal diary. Our words are spoken to each other under lock and key. We get each other.

We give advice. We hold each other up in those moments of weakness.

We laugh and cry and talk about things that others would never understand.

inside jokes are endless.

I honest to God do not know what I would do without this woman in my life. Get yourself a best friend; one that you can be your true self with. One that loves you for you.

- Desiree Corchado

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