About Daydreamer & Co.

About The Brand

Daydreamer & Co. (Formerly She is Chic Boutique/She is Chic Style) was formed in January 2017. Creator, Stephanie, took the leap to open up her own boutique- all because of an accident, a lot of hope and faith.

When her husband was involved in a freak accident that almost took his life, Daydreamer’s Owner, realized life is short- life is precious. We have to really live life. So, while nursing her husband back to health, she decided to take a leap of faith.

What started as a little online boutique quickly grew because of the love and passion behind it. We were able to open our own brick and mortar in May 2019. We have since closed our brick and mortar during the COVID-19 pandemic, and have decided to digitize. We hope one day to open our dream store all over again.

Our Mission

Our goal is not to only supply you unique clothing, we want you to look gorgeous and feel good. We want you to feel empowered in what you wear, we want you to make your statement whenever you dress.

We now specialize in Bohemian Chic. Bohemian Chic is a cross between a comfortable bohemian look, but also with a flash of glam. It is sparkly with a bit of the natural feel good aesthetic. We want to stock up items as unique as you are.

About Stephanie

Stephanie is not only the owner of Daydreamer & Co., she has another job! She is the Mom of 2 boys, and 2 dogs and wife... That is a job right?

Stephanie loves Outlander, The Office, Vikings and lots of TV shows on Netflix and HULU.

One of the places she loves going most is the Renaissance Faire (well besides The Bahamas). A lot of the inspiration for Daydreamer & Co. is the aesthetic of the local faire.


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